Rhapsody Biologics was launched in October 2009 and has created a versatile Personalized Peptide Vaccine (PPV) platform to predict and optimize peptide vaccines for use at an individual and population level.


The PPV platform will bring the vaccine development industry into the age of personalized medicine.  As the field of peptide vaccines grows, the need for a predictive method to create optimal peptide(s) will also increase.  


Rhapsody Biologics will facilitate the creation of a series of more efficacious vaccines in diverse indications encompassing cancer therapy and infectious diseases.  


Vaccine development companies will be able to model a clinical response scenario in silico by using Rhapsody Biologics technologies. They will be able to obtain high quality and high accuracy data on the strain of virus to use for vaccine manufacture, and the type of immune responses to expect from different populations of the world if vaccinated with that particular virus strain. This will not only reduce cycle development time for the company, but also greatly improve the odds of delivering a successful and effective vaccine.  



The Rhapsody platform technology encompasses a high-throughput discovery system to identify immunogenic fragments of disease causing agents that will stimulate an immune response. The platform is unique in that it is based entirely on validated experimental data which are incorporated into a proprietary computational rational design algorithm.