Rhapsody Biologics Leadership Team and Board


 Richard Kivel—Chairman and Co-Founder

¡  Senior Manager: Bridgewater Associates (June 2011-Present) , Former CEO TheraGenetics (2006-2009):; Former CEO MolecularWare (2001-2004) 

¡ Chairman, MIT Enterprise Forum (2008-2011), Lecturer at MIT

 Prof. Ren Ee Chee—Co-Founder and Director

¡ Principal investigator at SIgN and Associate Professor at the Dept. of Microbiology of NUS

¡ Established Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS); Deputy Director 2001-2007

¡ Commercialized SARS diagnostics to Roche; H5N1 diagnostics to local

 Michael G. Frank - R & D and Grant Consultant

¡  Forma Therapeutics: responsible for setting up CombinatoRx / Forma Singapore

¡  Developed HCV drug from bench through multiple phase 2 clinical trials

¡  MS Biomedical Engineering (BU  1999), MBA (Columbia  2011)

 Dr. Una Ryan—Director

¡ CEO of Diagnostics for All; Former CEO/President of AVANT Immunotherapeutics

¡ Board member MIT Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, BIO and MassBio Chair

 Robert Forrester—Director

¡ Former CEO & CFO of CombinatoRx (Founder of CombinatoRx Singapore)

¡ Previously Senior VP Finance and Corporate Development at Coley Pharmaceuticals

 Kamran Tavangar—Scientific Advisory Board and Commercial Consultant

¡ Former Global Head of Strategic Planning: Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics

¡ PhD Stanford University, MBA M.I.T Sloan School, AB Molecular Biology Berkeley